Garden City Shopping

Alfalux Hills collection are the floor tiles installed in Garden City Shopping Center, winner of 2020 Tile Competition

The Garden City Shopping Centre in Winnipeg had not been renovated since 1989, so in 2017 Ruscio Studio was tasked with developing a sleek, contemporary new design that would stand the test of time. Using floral upholstery, Canadian oak wood, and colorful lounge areas, the designers created a modern space that plays into the “garden” theme. Stone-look floor tiles by Alfalux Ceramiche were installed in various colorways and configurations throughout the mall, serving to visually separate and connect different spaces. A uniform installation in the main aisles creates the appearance of wider corridors, while a patterned installation in the center court represents the convergence of shoppers as they flow from one aisle to the other. Ruscio Studio was very careful to choose timeless, durable floor tiles that could withstand the next 20 years of heavy pedestrian traffic.


Firm: Ruscio Studio
Project: Garden City Shopping Centre
Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Tile Manufacturers: Alfalux;
Distributor: Italbec
Contractor: Fabris & Watts
Photographer: Kyle Thomas, Mart Design Company


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