For those who are looking for a personal style, combining contemporary taste with the natural elegance of wood, the Badia collection is the ideal solution.
Badia porcelain floor tile panels, in a range of natural wood styles, make a strong statement which sets the mood for any interior.
Beautiful flooring with lasting appeal, unaffected by passing fashions, Badia is the perfect match for all design solutions: its contemporary and discreetly elegant styling adds value to any interior.


  • Mass colouring


  • Natural Rectified
  • Roc Rectified


  • 29,7x29,7
  • 29,7x59,5
  • 30x60
  • 45x45
  • 59,5x59,5

Badia Acacia particular

Badia Acacia

Badia Acero particolare

Badia Acero

Badia Castagno particolare

Badia Castagno

Badia Frassino particolare

Badia Frassino

Badia Rovere particolare

Badia Rovere

Badia Tuia particolare

Badia Tuia