OLIMPIA - Almond


Olimpia is full-body unglazed porcelain stoneware inspired by a number of natural stones whose main feature is the longitudinal veins.

The very particular graphics vaguely recall fossil wood and, by looking at the slab horizontally, some types of rock stratifications.
The surface structure is slightly undulated and in the most excavated parts, bright effects can be seen that make this product pleasantly elegant and soft to the touch.
Olimpia is an elegant material with timeless charm, capable of making any interior exclusive and refined.
Olimpia presents characteristic gradient and bright colours with shades that go from ivory to vanilla and deep walnut in the warm colours, while cold colours are available in white or black. Balanced shades that make the floors created with this material exclusive, precious, original and suitable for various types of interiors.
Olimpia is produced in 30x60 natural surface slabs, natural ground and natural lapped; in these last two finishes, a 15x60 slab is also available which can be matched in modular configurations with the basic size.


Last update: 11/11/15