“HILLS” is a collection inspired to the hills surrounding the river Secchia that rises in the Apennines of Tuscany and Emilia on the slopes of Cerreto Alpi, its course marking the provincial border between Reggio Emilia and Modena.
The main features of the landscape are the stony riverbanks with rocky outcrops that are quite large in size and have a uniform structure; when split, they reveal some delightful, attractive veining and streaking.
The Hills collection is inspired by these surface characteristics, recreated in full-body colour porcelain stoneware in sizes 45x90, 22,5x90, 15x90, 60x60, 30x60, 15x60 and 30x30 cm with the various surfaces – natural, natural rectified, and lapped and rectified.
The collection comprises 5 colours referring to the names of the places located along the river valley: Cerreto (White), Collagna (Beige), Busana (Grey), Villa (Black) and Toano (Ash).
The Hills collection offers functional products to enhance the charm of the environment, with a finish that plays an essential role in highlighting furnishings and accessories.


Last update: 11/11/15