DOP (declaration of performance)


Porcelain tile with full body colouring is an advanced technology product made with special clays and
select raw materials and fired at high temperature. Very compact, highly sintered, for this reason it achieves an extremely low grade of absorption and provides the highest technological values in all the various tests.
This product is coloured in the mixture of the tile body and further enriched with surface applications
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Glazed porcelain tiles, while still maintaining significant technological values, have a clear coloured tile body mixture. The surface is coated by various applications of glazing which gives it colour, gloss, hardness and water-proofing.
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Ecogres: quality and sustainable development, a new brand of quality production technology which observes ethical principles and is environmentally friendly.
Reduction of waste, recycling of scrap and reuse of resources are the primary goals that Alfalux has set for the products in this line in the spirit of the continuous search for quality, environmentally friendly solutions.
Ecogres is a ceramic stoneware dry-pressed and glazed tile which complies with the EN14411 Blb standard
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Ceramic products which are called single-fired are called this because they are made with a technology that simultaneously fires the body and glaze with a single thermal treatment that produces the physical-chemical transformation of the body simultaneously with the fusion and fixing of the glaze.
The raw materials, especially clay containing iron oxides, are fired together with the glazes at extremely high temperature. The tiles which are obtained using this production technology are generally used for indoor wall or floor application.
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Double firing is a ceramic technology with ancient origins that fires the body and the surface layer at two separate times. The purpose of the first firing is to strengthen the body, while the second stabilizes the surface glazing.
Technical clays rich in iron and carbonates are used to make them.
Double firing white body tiles favours better colouring of the glazes that stands out for its brilliance and transparency.
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Last update: 10/19/15